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Install and use screen in Ubuntu 12.04

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screen is a nice tool for those who use the terminal for much of their work. Installation is simple:

sudo apt-get install screen

Some useful (basic) commands are:

screen -S <sessionname> # create session with name 'sessionname'
screen -ls              # show current screen sessions
CTRL-a d                # detach from screen session
screen -r <sessionname> # re-attach to 'sessionname'

Once in an attached screen window, useful commands are:

CTRL-a c                # create a new window/terminal
CTRL-a A                # name the window/terminal
CTRL-a "                # list all windows and select to switch
CTRL-a n                # cycle to next window/terminal
exit                    # exit from the current window/terminal

Written by Chris S

November 13, 2012 at 11:22 pm

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